Everest Personal Gear

Climbing Equipment
· Ice Axe with leash. General mountaineering tool (Black Diamond Raven or Raven Pro)
· Crampons. Step in bindings with anti balling plates (Black Diamond Sabretooth Pro with ABS)
· Alpine climbing harness. Harness should fit over all clothing and down suit and have gear loops (Black Diamond Bod or Alpine Bod)
· Locking Carabiners (2) Twist lock preferred over screw gate (Black Diamond Rocklock Twistlock)
· Regular Carabiners (4) (Black Diamond Oval)
· Ascender. One right or one left (Black Diamond nForce or Petzl Ascension)
· Rappel/Belay device (2) Figure 8 no ATC's (Black Diamond Super 8)
· Climbing Helmet (Black Diamond Half Dome or Petzl Erin Roc)
· Prussiks or Slings. Or bring 40 feet of flexible 6mm perlon or 1/2" webbing to make into prussiks/slings
· Adjustable Trekking poles (optional) (Black Diamond Expedition Poles)

· Light hiking boots or trekking shoes for trek to Base Camp
· Tennis shoes or low top shoes (optional) For travel and days in town
· Booties (optional)
· High Altitude Climbing Boots. No plastic boots with overboots (Millet Everest GTX or La Sportiva Olympus Mons Evo)
· Trekking Socks (3) (Patagonia)
· Wool or Synthetic Socks (4) Heavyweight wool or synthetic socks to be worn over the liner socks
· Liner Socks (4) Smooth thin wool, nylon or Capilene

Technical Clothing
· Lightweight Long Underwear (2-3) Tops and bottoms. Capilene, other synthetic or wool. No Cotton (Mountain Hardwear Micro Power
  Stretch Tight & Micro Power Stretch Zip T)
· Heavyweight Long Underwear. Top and bottom. Expedition weight Capilene (Mountain Hardwear Power Stretch Tight & Zip T )
· Lightweight Nylon Pants (1 -2)
· Short Sleeve Synthetic Shirt (1-2) (Mountain Hardwear Wicked Lite T)
· Synthetic/Soft Shell Jacket with full-zip (Mountain Hardwear Monkey Man Jacket)
· Synthetic/Soft Shell Pants with full-zip (Mountain Hardwear Coolidge Pant)
· Insulated Synthetic Jacket (optional) (Mountain Hardwear Hooded Compressor Jacket)
· Insulated Synthetic Pants with side zippers (optional) (Mountain Hardwear Compressor Pant)
· Expedition Down Parka (Mountain Hardwear Absolute Zero Parka)
· Expedition Down Suit (Mountain Hardwear Absolute Zero Suit)
· Hard Shell Jacket with hood (Mountain Hardwear Axial Jacket)
· Hard Shell Pants with zippers (Mountain Hardwear Beryllium Bibs)

· Lightweight Synthetic gloves (2) Should fit inside mitts or gloves. Lighter Capilene preferred (Mountain Hardwear Butter Liner)
· Heavyweight Synthetic or Soft Shell gloves (2) (Outdoor Research PL400 Gloves or Mountain Hardwear Power Stretch)
· Expedition Shell Mitts. Should be big enough so that synthetic gloves fit inside pile liners (Outdoor Research Alti Mitt or Mountain   Hardwear Absolute Zero Mitt)

· Headlamp. Bring spare bulbs & batteries (Black Diamond Icon or Petzl Myo)
· Glacier glasses (Julbo Explorer or Nomad) If you wear glasses we recommend prescription glacier glasses
· Baseball cap or sun hat (2)
· Ski Goggles (2) One pair 100% UV & IR and the other with clear lenses for summit day start (Julbo Excel or Gravit)
· Balaclava (2) One heavyweight and one lightweight (Mountain Hardwear or Outdoor Research)
· Warm synthetic or wool hat (2) (Mountain Hardwear or Outdoor Research)
· Bandanas or headscarf (2)
· Neoprene face mask (optional)

Personal Equipment
· Expedition Backpack. 4,000 - 5,000 cubic inch (Black Diamond Quantum or Mountain Hardwear South Col)
· Trekking Backpack 2,000 - 2,500 cubic inch (optional) (Black Diamond Mountain Hardwear Dihedral Pack )
· Sleeping Bag -40F. Expedition down insulated rated to at least -40F for high camps (Mountain Hardwear Ghost SL)
· Sleeping Bag -20F. Expedition down insulated rated to at least -20F for base camp (Mountain Hardwear Wraith SL)
· Closed-Cell foam pad (2) Full length (Ridgerest)
· Plastic Cup. Plastic insulated mug with lid
· Spoon. Lexan tough plastic
· Sunscreen (2) SPF 40 or higher
· Lipscreen (2) SPF 20 or higher
· Water Bottle (2) 1 Liter wide mouth bottles (Nalgene)
· Water Bottle Parka (2) For the above bottles (Nalgene or Outdoor Research)
· Pee Bottle (2) 1 Liter wide mouth bottles (Nalgene)
· Pee Funnel (for women)
· Thermos 1 Liter capacity stainless steel vacuum bottle
· Trash Compactor bags (4) To line stuff sacks and one large to line pack
· Compression Stuff Sacks (2) For sleeping bags and clothing
· Duffel Bag (2) Large size with locks (Mountain Hardwear Expedition Duffel or Black Diamond Hueys)
· Small personal first-aid kit and personal medications

This list is only a guide. We have included recommendations on certain clothing and equipment based on our experience.

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