Finnish Alpine Awards

The Finnish Alpine Awards has been established to honor the late Samuli Mansikka. This grant program assists climbers financially with their plans for interesting and challenging climbs. More information about this award program can be found at:

Finnish Alpine Award


Upcoming Expeditions

Cholatse, Nepal - October 21 - November 17, 2017

Cholatse is a step up in technical difficulty from Ama Dablam and has very few climbers on her flanks compared to the very busy Ama Dablam. We know this mountain very well after successful previous expeditions and this climb is a true alpine classic of Nepal. This expedition will have a 1:1 Sherpa to climber ratio and helicopter transportation from Kathmandu directly to Namche Bazar and return to Kathmandu. This is an ideal expedition for those wishing to tackle the 8,000-meter giants in the future.

Everest, Tibet - April - May, 2018

Due to requests from previous and new Junkies climbers we will be returning to the North side of Everest in the spring of 2018. All the details will be up on the webpage shortly.

Urus, Ishinca & Tocllaraju, Peru - June & July, 2018

Three Cordillera Blanca peaks from the same valley climbed in a fast and light alpine style. This expedition is ideal for those climbers with a short schedule or those with no regular climbing partners.


Our climbs do not have guides present, but expedition leaders who manage the logistics and staff. All climbers need to be self-reliant, have a skill level suited to their selected climbs and have to be able to carry their own personal equipment.



Photo credits: Tachi Pesando - Gasherbrum II, Pakistan

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